Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Romper Season

I'm baaaaaaaack!

So after what I now realized has been about a 4 month hiatus from my blog (I can't believe it was really that long!) I'm back with a new post!

In the 4 months that I have been out of the blogging world I have been tackling many things in my life, INCLUDING losing weight. I have lost 20 some pounds and am feeling so great physically and mentally! Which brings me to this post.
I have never been one to wear rompers in the summer. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore them. They are so cute! However, before losing weight I would've never considered actually buying and wearing one.

I found this gem at Charlotte Russe shopping the other day and figured 'what the heck' I'll give it a try. I instantly loved it! It's sweet and flirty, without the too much skin factor I cringe thinking about (hey my thunder thighs still need some work). So yet again my wonderful boyfriend took on the role of playing photographer. Many of the original photos I was of course pouting, making silly faces or ones that would lead you to believe I wanted to smack him in the face. (He is rarely serious these days)

My Look
Romper | Wedges | Watch | Bracelet | Bag

I am thrilled that summer is here and am finding so much inspiration in the now and upcoming trends for the season :) 
Hope everyone had a fabulous Wednesday!


  1. This outfit is so lovely! And your hair is perfect!

    And you're from Ohio?!

    1. Oh my hair is far from perfect but thank you love! & yes I am from Ohio :)