Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Peach and Mint

Hello lovies! This week thus far has been so beautiful and sunny! The pictures from this post, unfortunately had really weird lighting, so it's more of a quick outfit of the day. I am in love with this silver/metallic floral blazer, it goes with so many different pieces! Most importantly, I have finally mastered the sock bun, as seen below LOL. I am always a few steps behind all the hair trends (it took me FOREVER and 10,000 youtube tutorials to finally learn the fishtail braid!) 
My two favorite colors so far this summer are Mint and Peach/Coral. I love these pink Charlotte Russe shorts I got on sale last summer, they're actually somewhat dressy not that my pictures show of course. I've also decided it's time to ditch my casper-white skin tone and start laying out ASAP. Holy cow am I pale!

I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday! What are your guys' plans for this upcoming Memorial Day Weekend?


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Romper Season

I'm baaaaaaaack!

So after what I now realized has been about a 4 month hiatus from my blog (I can't believe it was really that long!) I'm back with a new post!

In the 4 months that I have been out of the blogging world I have been tackling many things in my life, INCLUDING losing weight. I have lost 20 some pounds and am feeling so great physically and mentally! Which brings me to this post.
I have never been one to wear rompers in the summer. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore them. They are so cute! However, before losing weight I would've never considered actually buying and wearing one.

I found this gem at Charlotte Russe shopping the other day and figured 'what the heck' I'll give it a try. I instantly loved it! It's sweet and flirty, without the too much skin factor I cringe thinking about (hey my thunder thighs still need some work). So yet again my wonderful boyfriend took on the role of playing photographer. Many of the original photos I was of course pouting, making silly faces or ones that would lead you to believe I wanted to smack him in the face. (He is rarely serious these days)

My Look
Romper | Wedges | Watch | Bracelet | Bag

I am thrilled that summer is here and am finding so much inspiration in the now and upcoming trends for the season :) 
Hope everyone had a fabulous Wednesday!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Vote for my latest post on Lucky Mag!

Hey loves!
My latest post 'MINT TO STAND OUT' is now on the Lucky Magazine's contributors' page! 

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Monday, January 14, 2013



Hi loves! Once again it has been a while, and I'd rather not make excuses, I'm just happy to be back! I hope everyone had a great New Years and beginning to their January! 

Typically, I wear a lot of black. Not just because it's the dress code at my job, but because of course, black is very slimming. Speaking of slimming...guess who's lost 15 pounds over the past month and a half? Yep, THIS GIRL! :) I'm so ecstatic, and I can't wait to keep losing and get into shape!

So today's outfit of the day is mainly black, paired with my FAVORITE new necklace. I got this beaut for my birthday in December from my boyfriend (who just so happens to be my photographer for my blog as well, and I think he did great on today's photos!)

What I wore:
Marshall's top
Charlotte Russe Coat (old)
Pacsun leggings; similar ones found here
Rings; gifted

I'm hoping to do at least one more post this week, but don't quote me on that!

Side note to my followers and IFB friends: Who of you are going to the Conference in February? Leave me a comment on here, or message me through my IFB account :)

Hope everyone has a fabulous week! And don't forget to follow my networks ;)

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