Thursday, December 6, 2012

Social Networking

Hey dolls! Hope your week has gone by fast and you all get to enjoy your Friday tomorrow!

I'm still working day by day on the blog site to make improvements and change some things around to make it even better, so bare with me!

In the meantime, add my social networks ;)

Instagram: @keepingupwithrachel
Facebook fan page:

Promise to have a new post up this weekend, so keep checking for updates!



  1. Thanks for your comment:)
    Yes of course, follow me and I folllow you back

  2. Just found your blog. I'm going to add you on Instagram and also add your blog to my Google Reader list :)

  3. Hello Rachel!

    So crazy that you know Taylor Shiley, too, and that you go to Kent! Such a small world :D I met Taylor in the Navigators and she is such a beautiful lady inside and out; not to mention the perfect model for the fashion show! Hope to perhaps see you around Kent sometime! x