Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My Week Through Pictures

So, I'm going to go ahead and apologize for the lack of entries the past few weeks, things here have been CRAZY busy! Plus, most bloggers I know don't have to work part time or full time on top of blogging, and with being in retail, it has been nonstop!

My birthday was the 19th, so some of my closest friends took me out for drinks, which was much needed amongst the Christmas chaos, shopping, and work. Then we had Christmas of course, and divided our time between my boyfriend, Mark's family and mine. I felt like Reese Witherspoon in Four Christmases! So much family, so little time!

I didn't get to do an outfit of the day yet unfortunately, but here's some pictures to enjoy of my life the past week!

One of my best friends since high school, Mel & I out for my birthday :)

A collage of my birthday night. I think this pretty much covers it :) LOL.

Some friends of Mark & I had dinner at Carrabba's (I'd never been there before! SO yummy!) This was my birthday cocktail I ordered called the 'Toasted Marshmallow' ... so yum!

Found this candle at BBW and am IN LOVE. Sadly the scent only comes in this candle :( boo

This is my baby! Well, my two-year-old baby :) little Landon in front of our tree, cheesin' as usual :)

Cookies on cookies on cookies, for real! I made sooooo many this year :) What can I say, they were $1 each!!

All dressed up & LOTS of places to go ;)

My new Nikes!!! Can't tell you how obsessed with these I am. Only 3 stores in Ohio had them and my dad managed to snatch one of the last pairs up in my size! He said they had me written all over them ;) It was meant to be! :D

& the award for best boyfriend would go to MINE! He outdid himself on blessing me with this new sewing machine ah :)

Papa (my dad) teaching Landon how to golf. Suiting, since my dad is a golf pro!

Me and the man I've been so blessed to have be in my life this past year. He truly is amazing & I could not love him more!!

"Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!" Just love my mini-me! :)

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and received many blessings! I sure know I did :)


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  1. amazing pictures! I love the twinkling night candle, I actually did a blog post with it too lol.